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I found peace in the arms of loneliness

I hope this explains the turmoil only broken hearts experience.


For one so young

For one so young, I would swear that my heart has aged more than a millennium

They say that it is the littlest of experiences that build up memories

I would like to erase those, thank you

I’d rather curl up in bed and drown in my own salty tears than turn to a bottle of whisky

But what will help me forget I daresay

I remember holding unto you like my last breath

Yet you’ve left me bleeding in my own sadness like the forlorn fool that I was

There has been no night that has passed without your memories in my dreams

Whispering your name in my sleep feels like blasphemy

It feels like a sin and a curse upon my broken heart

Good memories of you have escaped into the wind

Only to be replaced by the harsh reality of what you truly were

Only the accompaniment of my weak past drift me off to sleep in a steady slumber of regrets

I do not know if I would love again

I do not know if I have anything left in me to offer to any beautiful soul

You took everything I had

And left me with nothing but a shadow of my former self

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