I Fell in Love With a Ghost

Updated on October 17, 2018
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Writer, author, short story writer, poet, youtuber, blogger.

Ghostly love

I fell in love with a ghost,
a male soul of the eighteenth century.
He arrive at my nights of black clarity,
rimmed with waves and sensuality.
Idealized man,
of right steps my man beloved.

His translucent hands feel my skin,
Asleep woman or awake, my being is exalted.
His face looks at me and I close my eyes,
my skin does not resist their cravings.

I ignore the beings of skin,
their acting to good is defective.
Mortals that swim with sins,
I can not resist their hypocritical voices,
With excuses, evenings arrive at appointments.
And his quick temporary kisses go away,
in the mind, in the days that they suffer
the crows of the silent nights.

The present perfume of my man beloved,
It subjugates me and I fall in loved.
Tied to my spirit, loves me
and he adores me.
Between sighs and clear shadows,
we dilute ourselves in nothingness.

The love of centuries ago

Lover who projects the baritone tone,
Pleated sentences anchored for hundreds of years.
My voice mixes with his.
And together we sing in duo,
to the chorus of thousands of voices of angels.

A kiss looks shy and then it will become bold.
In the dance with my floaty dress,
my waist is taken by his hands ...

Our looks come together,
and I float, I dance in the air, while he drives me,
at will, between the sound of the flute and the lyre.

Lover of the invisible man

I'm single in spirit,
divorced from soul.
I am free and I receive the love;
it falls in my basket without worries.

My love is not a forbidden love,
neither sinful nor harmful.
I am lover of the invisible man,
faithful to his translucent love.

His kisses rhyme with my hair,
and I do not sin, because it only lives in
the mirages of the imagination.
Consciousness navigates clean
in the hours of glass, attached to
the transitory rains.

The spirit in love

In a refuge of spirits;
a woman full of failed loves,
laid down down his glass face.
Far to the familiar sierra,
he approached a large, painted stone.
Lucia dressed with verses of stamens, and dawns

He saw a gentleman reflected.
Sentimental words
they arose of the almost invisible man.

She came up with her feelings in zero,
and examining its appearance,
He heard his audible voice,
Full of auroras, dawns and skies.

Plethoric of verses and eloquence,
in a frame I was locked,
the abstract entity of the manly portrait.

It came out of its isolation,
he kissed her, and she delighted.
He with tears in his eyes said:
I am sorry.

"It was just a ghost in a painting
that hung in layers,
on the wall of his dwelling. "

Ancient and millenarian love

A half-open window shows the effulgence of life.
Subtle suggestions slip away in the transition of centuries;
on a closed chest, kept in a grove that never forgets.
Everlasting nostalgia for an ancient and millenary love.

I have pierced lives and events,
caresses and trips,
And I have your love guarded
in the chest of eternity.

My sweet love, love of my life ..,
What enigmas encierras in your transparent figure?
Where did you go?
I was reborn! Love of my life!

And I wonder if you resurged this time;
in my same time, or you spaced in the distance
of the centuries, being born before me.

Show your promises, sculpted in blue remembrances!
Come my love!
Become present, please.

Where are you?....

Dawn in your arms,
bound in your arms.
Róbame all the kisses that I treasured,
behind the times;
kidnapped and adored.

A storm is coming
and we both look up.
Rain of tears that moistens
our sorry souls ...

The black clouds are cleared ...
Naughty I jump and I smile,
I run among the trees of the hours,
You persecute me, I keep running,
between the centuries;
laughing out loud.

Suddenly, you grab the shortcut of the verses,
on the path of the rhymes, and you trap me with your kisses.
I continue with the jokes and between the minutes of the lyrics;
I slip away again.

Oh the lilies are happy with so much illusion!
The moon, inseparable companion of romantics like you and me,
Smile and it covers us with its luminosity.
A hug unites us, like twin souls, in the immensity.
And a final kiss is stamped on the greenness of love.
I'll always wait for you…

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    © 2018 Venus Mary


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      • Venusmaritza profile imageAUTHOR

        Venus Mary 

        8 months ago from Panamá

        Hi, Jai! In life there are mysteries, and in my case, certain enigmatic elements, related to the paranormal, help me. Thanks for your words, I love that you liked my poems ..

      • JaiAsahi23 profile image

        Jai Hitachiin 

        8 months ago

        this is very remarkable to me,, I really love your poems.. and this leads me to ask, what made you write all this cause I sensed that there is much more to this

      • Venusmaritza profile imageAUTHOR

        Venus Mary 

        8 months ago from Panamá

        Thank you for your nice comment, Tanveen.

      • Tanveen Senbhi profile image

        Tanveen Kaur Senbhi 

        8 months ago

        Wonderful poem

      • Venusmaritza profile imageAUTHOR

        Venus Mary 

        8 months ago from Panamá

        Thanks, Kirti!

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        Very sweet poem. Nice job.

      • Venusmaritza profile imageAUTHOR

        Venus Mary 

        8 months ago from Panamá

        Thanks for your nice comment, John!

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        8 months ago from Queensland Australia

        A wonderful and well-penned poem. I enjoyed reading Ghostly Love.


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