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I Can't Write Anything Now

Losing myself because I'm tired

Now I probably won't be able to write anything because the feeling is about to end.

I will not be feeling and I have some thing special all over.

I will free from all bondage and there will be no memory left.

No one will remember because when it exists, when no one realizes.

So what difference does it make to someone to go or not?

I was over once, but I had kept an illusion that I am.

I was sitting under the illusion of being myself, but now she is completely broken.

I don't know how much people are fond of not respecting their loved ones.

No, I never kept anyone away from my desires, nor did I deny anyone.

I was in everyone's troubles but when my time came I was completely lonely.

In spite of all, today I am completely alone.

My existence is standing but there is no hope nor hope in it, a hollow structure.

There is a lot of sorrow but never took seriously.

I never regretted Ignore by laughing, but now it is getting sad.

Now I started realizing that not every moment is special for anyone.

Just whoever wanted to exercise authority over me for his wishes.

No one wants anything from me, the ones who want in their life.

Now I would have felt a lot for myself that this too is a life.

Life was not easy, but now I am sure it is true.

And it is also known that the one whom you care about is regardless of you.

Now I started losing myself and felling what should I write.

When thoughts will not remain in memory then my journey has to stop.

Or if it is continuous then the description of sadness and negative thinking will have to be found.

Where there is happiness in the hearts of people, what sadness should I spread There?

What is the use of such a composition which gives a sad message to someone.

The audience should be blown away by the writing and not the tears.

I think my pen will stop while walking and my path will be closed.

Or I am writing and no words are coming in existence.

I don't know why I started losing what happened I don't know anything.

There was a lot of hope in life that was not fulfilled, there was no sorrow, but why did I lose?

Maybe I've been feeling lonely on all sides.

The one who made me the biggest support in life needs that support.

That support turned out to be hollow that it became dependent on me.

Never expect anything from anyone.

I don't need anyone if I feel like seeing this.

Oh so much in my life But I left them far away.

Whoever is near is far from me, they want power over me.

They don't feel anything for me.just be present for them, don't wait a moment.

I feel sorry for how I was deceived by myself like this.

And I have become guilty to such an extent that I cannot forgive myself.

I also lost because my bonds are destroying me now.

Totally every hope every hope every thought.

And my environment is trying hard to defeat me completely.

I tried a million to get up but lost my mind and sat down.

Like no one stirs in me and my pen also stops.

I became numb and my memory is all my existence.

Losing myself for my own purpose I put my sword on myself.

Naturally I should be worth the blow because I lost myself.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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