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I Can't Forget Her

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


During our childhood we play with other children and enjoy the life in its best form. There was no responsibility, there was no worry of any kind, and there was no hassle of any sort at that time. Who will not long to go back to that type of life if given a chance? Then we enter the age of adolescence which has its own charm. Getting young is like the opening of the bud to become a flower. That is the time when we meet others in a different perspective and feelings of love and infatuations start building between the people who were so far only the childhood friends. At that phase of our lives, we are introduced to an entirely new world of lust, desire, and possessiveness. Of course, it is natural to grow in that fashion and that is a truth of our lives. It is the way of nature and need of human bodies. During such a time many people get intimate with each other and promise to each other to be lifetime partners and take vow that they would remain in love for eternity.
Alas, only a part of this story is true. The steaming relations come down calmly and become a thing of past and I think they are forgotten completely more quickly than they were acquired. It is not necessary that both the partners would be happy after that separation. It depends as who had been bitten more by the love bug. This poem is an effort to depict the emotions and feelings of a person who is still remembering the sweet togetherness of the particular friend during the adolescent age.

I can't forget her

Childhood memories are a pleasant treasure,
The game we played with those risky adventures.

Some memories fade away some remain in our mind,
Our mind yearns and urges to go back to life of that kind.

The stage of adolescence brings new dimensions in our lives,
We are even introduced to love at first sights.

There are so many memories of those ecstatic situations,
Bringing us feelings of longing, love, and aspirations.

It finally happened called love at first sight,
There was no discussion there was no fight.

She came forward to fully meet my expectations,
Drowning me with all her magnificent affections.

Then one day the whole satire changed,
When she told me that it was the infatuation that prevailed.

She left for her own way and I felt deserted,
The love bite was very deep and it could not be rejected.

I reminded her to come back but she refused all the times,
She told me flatly that they were the childhood chimes.

She may be happy and contended in her own world,
I am still feeling infatuated with the old bird.

Love and then desert what is this human nature,
My problem and grief is that I can't forget her.

I can't forget her

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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