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I Can Breathe Again ...Haiku about Love?

I had to write these...so I can smile again....Maybe? I know that I'll be ok, both above and far beyond the pain...


Experiencece haiku?....I suppose

I can breathe again

I think the pain is over

A new day has dawned


She was never mine

My Heart often tells me lies

...this one a whopper


How great are strangers

Electronically distant

Closer than my "friends"


Internet POWER!!!

The strength from within a tribe

Strength to stay alive


My heart ripped to shreds

Allergic to what's called L O V E

A four letter word




A madman writing

Can't stop my hand from moving

Or eyes from tearing


There Will come a day

I look upon this and laugh :)

Wish this were THAT day


Sense of humours back

I think I'm even smiling

She couldn't pack that


"Nah ,nah, nah, na... na!!!!"

You can't have my joy, woman!!!!

Hope this smile is true


By the time I'm done

I hope I have forgotten

Oh, who...what's her name???


There is..


I can stretch my arm

And I feel eternity

Clock says five minutes


On the other hand

Guess, it's good being so free

Can leave the seat up


Now the empty space

The whole left side of the bed

Warm as your heart...brrrrrrh!!!!!


Can't find my brown socks

Wonder what/who she's doing

Hope he's not wearing


Well, on the bright side

Now I can watch my own shows

Jerry Springer, Blah!!!



Laughing/crying...laughing uncomfortably still


Just thought about this

Get sued for showing her pic

Get back my brown socks


Should be grateful though

There were moments of great joy

I too was at fault


One thing I've found true

Just a series of moments

God, we sure had ours!


Bet you didn't know

Souls can break , just like some glass

Then bounce like rubber


Can't capture the wind,

Or dwell on her forever,

...nor find my brown socks


Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on July 24, 2020:


You express emotion in a truthful, powerful, creative way. I love the light humor included. You are an unbelievable talent using wonderful imagery.

Thank you for sharing. Let's say goodbye to pain!

Laurinzoscott (author) from Kanab, Utah on March 24, 2020:

Well thankvyou so so much maven...I knew I was pushing the boudaries (a tad) but When I couldnt express emotion and humour anymore ...haiku popped in my head( a strange place to be) ;)...thanks for the read and comment..you are awesome!!!

Larry Conners from Northern Arizona on March 24, 2020:

Laurinzo...Wonderful imagery...the pain comes through, tempered with a little levity...This haiku form seems to flow with ease from your talented mind...I agree with John Hanson, haiku is normally about nature, and man's relationship to the physical world...This free-form haiku, while adhering to the 5-7-5 syllabic English form but ignoring the disparity required by the third line, creates a haiku that is poetic prose full of human intimacy, love, and pain...

Thank you for this intimate expression of your parting pain, your incidental freedom ("Leaving the seat up", and "Now I can watch my own shows") , and your humor...Larry

Laurinzoscott (author) from Kanab, Utah on March 24, 2020:

Thank you Rinita Sen...and yes this is my real life pain..but im okay sharing it...and writing and reading fine works like yours pushes it away...the healing has begun

Rinita Sen on March 23, 2020:

Some of these are really strong and speak from the heart. If these are based on real life experiences, I hope you come out of the situation soon. You are talented and I hope to read more from you.

Laurinzoscott (author) from Kanab, Utah on March 23, 2020:

Hey, I think she's still got em or the dryer ate em or something...;) anyway thanks for your kind words John H.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 23, 2020:

Laurinzzoscott, you capture the emotion of a sad break-up so wonderfully in these haiku. I have never seen haiku used this way before (usually about nature etc) but it worked so well, and I loved the bit of humour...hope you found those brown socks by now. Well done.

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