I Bust Inside Because of the Looks of My Thoughts

Updated on May 9, 2018

I wake up in the middle of other lands,
Separated from all dreams,
No one can describe my exile,
In the midst of much xenophobia,
I wanted to be as big as my father,
See the tears fall on the faces,
I keep trying for all the steps,
I'm still depending on tomorrow,
Every day complicates forever.

I do not find an uncertain destination,
Sometimes I think because everything is complicated,
Because my stories are always unhappy,
I come from other lands to continue suffering,
Nobody is afraid to judge without thinking the damage,
I have begun to hate with freedom,
It would bring luck to all this silence,
No one understands the weight I carry,
For the fury of all sins,
Looking at all the scars on their knees,
I hide an immense pain of agony.

Tell me who point out the pain,
I have the inspiration of a child,
The lies have reached their goal,
If I get lost in your heart,
I wish you were there,
So much love that I have for you ...

And yet nobody knows how to take advantage ...

© 2018 Daniel Carrera


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