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I Bleed of Ink

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.


I bleed in writing-
For my shades of sand
That fell to build a special wall;
Oh! How dare ye make me cry?

Emotions that were;
Right now just left me
Words are all I have left;
For the one thing that is so dear to me-
My poetry book.

They just flow,
Even when am weeping;
They come on and bond
Forming huge and lovely sentences...
Well they all form stanzas-
That carry the load
Of my hefty soul.

Down a cliff of pain,
And pressure of worldly desires;
I cleft up to worries that
Could only be lifted,
If bled on paper.

My pen full of ink:
Spills on white sheets,
The whole of my soul it paints...
My burden-laden soul it clears
Of matters of deepest concerns.

© 2018 BeckyTP

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