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My Shoulders Seem Heavy

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My shoulders seem heavy,

Because of the weight i carry,

I look for someone around to share it with,

But I’m deserted,

There is no soul in sight,

To help me cope with my plight,

I fall on my knees,

My tears turn cold in the breeze,

No one to give me a hand,

And help me stand,

Please Oh! Please i beg for company,

For someone anyone,

Will you dare to walk through the darkness surrounding me?

And hear my plea,

Will you be brave enough to break the walls i have built around me?

And challenge me,

To face my demons,

And make my ways,

Will you give me company as i gasp for fresh air?

Will your shoulders be the ground for my tears to fall?

Will you hug me as the shivers take their toll?

Will you give me company?

I know the burden is mine to bear,

The baggage cannot be shared,

But you company is all i need,

It will keep me strong as i bleed,

Ultimately when the wound is healed,

Your company will help me to keep it sealed.

© 2018 afia usman