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"I Am Unable to Understand My Partner" - Says a Man In Love

Hertha writes poems that helps her readers to analyse situations that they can relate too.


By Hertha David

They wake up every morning
Early, just together with the sun
They begin to think and prepare their mind mentally for the day

One is gloomy and deprived
The other is excited and bubbly
One is still exploring a new part of themselves
The other is my favorite,
Highly hopeful and hoping for the best

It's kind of crazy how they still don't get along
As they are ways around each other
Although not all time
Sometimes I feel like they want to get rid of one another
But some friendships never die

Understanding them is difficult
As they can change their mind in zero point two seconds
It's mentally draining too.
I heard someone nearly lost them
Let's just say the lectures took too long

However, they like long lectures ,
They enjoy having a good projector
With a good battery source
Although, the explorer always carries extra batteries
But, a tip: never sit next to the one that's hopeful

© 2022 Hertha David

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