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I Am the Sea and the Wave

Misbah enjoys poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.


Illusion of Existence.

Grief has become more agile as a result of thinking.

the sea smashes me with waves, aren't the result of my decisions

Horizons fit like shadows in my mind as I'm observing,

A straight line must always be broken.

This long sigh seems to indicate the soul is weary of so much existence.

An oasis in this illusion of presence is the acoustic art of invention.


Endless Wave of Life

Dark clouds of frozen breath,

caustic questions at night, and

the taciturn silence that surrounds them

all play a role in this tale's unfolding.

Reading a few sentences on a page,

history books and fairy tales

helps me understand all the facts, and

actions that I could never envisage.

story narrated a dogma and a metaphor,

and suddenly I turn around, I see

what lies behind the enormous highway of momentum ~

that carried me here;

On the unending shore of forgetting,

lies a believer in the impossible, one

who is willing to break apart without a fuss,

One, who believes in the unlikely.

I am a continuous wave of life, and

I am the land sailing!!

Dip into your own soul. Find your own truth. What calls to your heart. What moves your spirit. Make your life dance

To the song of your own essence!

— Anonymous

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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