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I Am That I Am Poem

I am that I am

No stone can ever break me, no storm ever shake me, no wind blow me away, nor wave wash me away, I am that I am

No words can ever hurt me, no army ever ensalve me, no insult ever harm me, nor robe ever hide me, I am that I am

I was not born and have no form, have never cried, or ever lied, I cannot leave, nor did I come, know nowt of sorrow, nor of fun, I am that I am

I do not die, swim, nor fly, cannot be found, not even with hounds, know nowt of fear, anger, nor greed, I never hide, yet cannot be found, I am that I am

I give life to the birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects and trees, the oceans, jungles, deserts and forests, all arise in me, I am that I am

So sit and ponder, study and wonder, analyse, research and compare, you cannot know me, will never understand me, but love me and I am yours, I am that I am


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