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I Am Still Waiting

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Meera is a student ,persuing to be banker and a writer someday and someone who wants to eradicate gender based streotypes


I am still waiting

The love of yours which I desire,
The feelings of mine which you should try to aspire.

Nothing is left now like such aroused within us;
So why I am Fighting alone to propound our love.

The conflict of love & thoughts have been increased,
But you dont care as if now your love has been gradually decreased.

Am I the only one who is dying to conquer & live our dreams,
Because I feel now you are not interested to listen the voices of my heart in darkness, which do screams..

Somewhere the hope is left within me,
That you still want to love & be with me.

Your words never spoke about your feelings;
But I still waited for your heart to speak up your dwellings.

The longer i have waited, the better i got hurt;
But I am still here to bear the pain till I have all the gut .

But don't you worry, I am not going to get tired,
I am still waiting for your dwindling love to get intensified which I have always desired.