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I Am Part of a Soul.

Am Naseem Rana. I am a creative writer. It's my passion. This is my hobby.


I am part of a soul:

I am part of a soul.
I came into being apart of it.
That spirit beautifies me in every aspect.
Every color of it is reflected in me.
It's just like spring.
I am her red rose.
My leaves are green in its shadow.
I never withered, my complexion never faded.
He is a good gardener soul.
It has protected me from every hot and cold wind.
In its shadow I was not afraid of autumn.
Am I a beautiful looking flower?
So all this reward goes to my gardener.
That spirit is raising me in the true sense.
She saves me from autumn and grazing animals.
Whenever I see danger, she puts up a fence around me.
She takes care of my every need.
And ignores your need.
Just look at me, I'm his creation.
I am the flower of this gardener very beautiful.
Blowing hearts in every way.
All this is the hard work of this gardener and love me.
Do you want to know who the gardener is?
She is none other than my mother.
I am part of a soul.

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