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Love in the Bus

Priyabrataa is a freelance writer for more than 3 years. He writes on all topics including lifestyle, food, fashion etc.


Me in the bus

Would have brought stars from the sky, if only I had on the bus
I would have made a paradise in your steps if I had the bus

Make you a world traveller, where a new one is seen
Laying flowers in your path, if I were on the bus

Become the reality of your dream, dreams come true
I would have had to bear your pain if I had been on the bus

I make myself your mirror and make a picture unique
I would drop your tears from my eyes if I were on the bus

Build a Taj Mahal for you, love will be seen by everyone
God will fulfil your every blessing if I had the bus

How much love you have to make me understand you
Your heartbeat in my heart if I had it

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