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I Am Hurt More Than What Is Said in Words

Hurt a lot but can't stop

Life has never been in a dilemma,took every dicision on its own.

But all of a sudden everything changed,what was so easy became so merciless.

Never has anyone hurt so much in life as I am today by my own decision.

Living a full life on the road not in a drunken style,someone had a bad shadow in life.

Life was going on like a pleasant simplicity in its own style.

A terribl storm came or the whirlwind that took away that innocent life.

Remnants left behind after the typhoon,where only scattered memory remained.

Maybe a long time will pass by collecting those scattered remains.

But still life may not be as everlasting as it was before.

Why would I have received such a punishment,what would have been so big that I would have to suffer.

It is a rejuvenation of nature or the effect of someone's curse?

What is to be said that whatever may be the attack of ruthless nature,but the attack is so merciless.

That might have the guts to change everything.

Life gets reduced to that point as if it is not getting any turn anywhere.

From where the new beginning happened,again some new fears of new aspirations.

But I don't know why it becomes so cruel that life where there is so much sorrow.

It seems like a stigma that can never be erased in bad days.

Such an indelible impression that never fades from life,similar to this time of calamity.

Everything starts increasing with time, everything starts increasing with expansion.

Why does it happen that the difficult times pass slowly,the happy times fly away with wings.

I don't know what was in his mind who created this world.

He made everyone's fortune by changing every type of pen.

He is the creator of the whole universe and he created human life.

He made the fate of every person like a painter with his pen.

There is no match for his imagination.He is skilled and wonderful in his own right.

But there are many questions in the mind to get their answer from the same.

If he gives sorrow in this life,he will also give happiness,his decision is strange.

But every creature in the world specializes in itself,he himself remains huge.

There is a lot of hurt mind but the moments of life are long but it is possible to win over it.

But we have to wait a long time to win because the road of hardship would have been long.

After every difficulty, something happens that we can't even expect.

But why isn't life the same all the time?

Why does time pass so quickly, doesn't he care?

Or he wants to show man the form of his power.

Or want to make a person recognize his true form,what am I.

There are such turning points in everyone's life where nothing is understood.

But at such times you don't give up nor lose your strength.

Because times change, then it wil be the dawn of a new life for you.

Then there will be the happy everlasting life that you need.

Day changed night came then new day will change life.

If there is an autumn,then there is a new leaf,if there is a prick on the branch,then there is a cold too.

If there is a wound in life,she also gives the same ointment and then gives a new life.

The life scattered by the storm is again overcome by the struggle.

Just took this resolution that you do not want to shatter me.

Have to get up again,have to live again,life in a new way.

Get up with new enthusiasm,then full of hope and then the limited life.

Spread the world of your dreams in all four direction.

Do not let those remnants of sorrows that life has given you.

Go ahead, live the time in your own way and work on it.

If you got a chance again, don't waste it in vain.

Heal all your wounds in good times and forget about bad times.

New purpose, fill this life with new hopes.

Bury the remains of the old somewhere for away from where there is no shadow in the beginning.

And get involved in the purpose of your best future.

Fulfill the dream that you saw,which was shattered in the fierce storm of time.

Embrace it with the new time and then start your new life.

In a beautiful dream,in a beautiful dream,and every hope that exceeds the limit.

© 2022 Sultanakhan

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