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I am happy on this achievement

Thank you as a poem

I am not good at the art of writing but I am well aware of what happened.

Whenever a storm of thunder was blowing in my mind, I took it down in words by saying no to anyone.

It is better to narrate the sorrow of the mind to someone, line him in a rosary of alphabets or words.

Not everyone performs brilliantly in every field, but it is not necessary that only the brilliant should be considered capable.

I am far behind in this ability but the conflict of thoughts in the mind is.

Where should I go and answer his every question, then thought why I should not give some new form to him.

Then I gave them the form of creation, there is a gathering of thoughts in my mind.

Sometimes I want to take them away and throw them away, but till the store of sorrow does not flow.

She doesn't get peace but how ever she thinks I can store these thoughts.

Hide it in an oyster and when that oyster gives the shape of a pearl to this store of mine.

May this oyster make my thoughts sparkle in a charismatic way, full of light with its power.

My thoughts, which are filled with despair, may flow in the depths of this sea.

And take the oyster that is left of the essence and make it a precious pearl.

Such a pearl whose value can not be judged, can only be adopted by the connoisseur whose.

Have a connoisseur mid for such thoughts, which he understand as if it is not a feeling, it is the torment of life.

Be aware of such an aspect which is not in his life But understand it as if it is his own pain.

I am also looking for such a connoisseur, but he has said that he is also probably waiting for such a thoughtful pearl.

What he may understand and then happen, he is also full of emotion and full of conflict.

My pen keeps running like never before and I share my thoughts with words.

My poetry remains unread as I think through the medium.

But never mind, sometime someone will read it, my words will understand my creation.

This is my belief and hope too when my journey has come this far.

So someone will also be fond of my creation, hope is full of hope and in this sequence.

I have been writing continuously now I have no fear nor fear.

Because I am becoming a web of words, there is no conspiracy or attack for anyone.

I am just shedding my feeling, write Avery good poem with words.

The dream is mine and I am very active in making this dream come true.

I will get what my dream is when my poetry is my feeling my thought.

There must be someone to like it and it will definitely happen because I am moving forward.

In this difficult journey of mine, I am happy that my efforts will be complete one day.

The rising Sun will bring my new copy with its golden rays.surely I am very happy.

Because my thoughts are flowing through the words and moving in my direction and encouraging me.

Got a light and a new path has begun,I am moving forward on an unknown path.

© 2022 Sultanakhan

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