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I Am Broken, You Are Shattered



The East is where the Mighty Sun rises

The West is where he rests and sleeps

When he opens his eyes, we see light everywhere

When he gets tired, darkness floods the world reminding us that He also needs rest just like us.


Asia is part of the East

America belongs to the West

Like the North and South separated by distance

Unique in all aspects like culture, language, beliefs, history, needs and wants, people.


I am from the East

Technology in my home is just adequate to sustain homes and companies.

In terms of economy and resources, we are under the 3rd world countries

In this millennium, I cannot claim that the status of our country has changed and elevated.


You are from the West

No one can deny that you are seen as the land of opportunities

Who would not?

Your country is more progressive in socio-economic status.


Staying in my country is my choice.

I am a nurse and could have chosen to work and live abroad.

Instead, I still chose to work here near my family and friends, overworked but underpaid.

I remained in the East where my heart is.


Leaving your home is your choice

Situations got tough and unbearable that you sought refuge and a new start.

You thought the East can mend your brokenness, but you got shattered.

You got stuck in the East, daily hoping to get back in your home, the West.


I was broken

You were shattered

When we met, it was not love at first sight

We both do not believe in fairytales.


I am blunt

You are real

We both use words as they are, not sugar-coated with lies

You say it as it is and take it just like it was said.


I am the supervisor

You are just one of my new agents

I have lived for years following standards and formal procedures.

You are the same way but with a lighter and humorous perspective.

Our first in depth talk was on the company rooftop.

In my eyes, you are a foreigner

But my heart has seen and heard the shattered you speak and move.

We talked more often

The same rooftop but not outside work…

You are outgoing.

I am not.

I keep my distance but with you, I found a new sense of freedom.

You did not mind that I verbalize what is inside my head and mean it

Maybe, you preferred that side of me too.

Other girls have the tendency to build façade covering their real persona.

They want to be liked and accepted.

My normal self would not be bothered.

I would not care what others think of me.

It is their business, not mine.

The irony of it all, you are the same way.

We puzzle each other that lead to curiosity.

Curiosity became interest

Interested in what the other will say, feel and do

Hoping that the feeling of interest is mutual

I am broken

You are shattered

And yet, we connect like the missing pieces.

Somehow, you and I felt whole again.

When you and I spent time outside,

A new chapter of my life opened

We both know that it is a great risk

A superior who gets involve with an employee under his/her wings

Happens but not advisable

Risky and terrifying

Personally and professionally

We both are aware

We still moved towards the fire

The warmth can heal us.

The heat can make our blood circulate better.

And yet, the fire can consume us:




We can live a new beginning

Or end our lives finally.


From the cold, slumber winter

To the laughter of summer

Then comes the giggles of the rain

God gave our first kid

We named him Matthew derived from the Bible

And Rain from the weather during his birth

MATTHEW RAIN, a blessing from God

We did not expect you coming in our world

The man from the West had fruits before

This angel is my first at the age of 31

It rained when you were born

I was enduring pain from the labor and delivery for only 30 minutes

It was amazing for a first time mother

Most women would endure long hours of pain before a successful birth of her first child.

Tiring and exhausting

But yours was bearable even when it hurts

When I heard your first cry, it was pure bliss

All the worries gone

Bad memories erased

You are indeed a gift from God.

I don’t feel adequate as a mom yet

However, God has seen otherwise.

I was given the chance

The opportunity to love another human

But this time, from my own flesh and blood.


Rona, the woman from the East

Daniel, the man from the West

We have found each other in a time of brokenness

We were both lost

We know what we want

We were working for ways to get them

In some unexplainable reason, we can’t find the right path

We were going in circles of misery

Hiding them through our smile and laughter

We play like we are okay when we are not

We wanted help but we have been denied of it over and over

Not even our blood relations have shown understanding

Most have driven us away

Drowning in our own misery

Belittled because of our mistakes and shortcomings

Mocked because we are unique

Slandered because we do not follow what most people want

Hurt by most people we care about

We were angered

We hated

We blamed ourselves and others

But now we are healing.

The journey is long but worth it

It is never easy

We fight

We disagree

But we continue to love.


I am no longer broken

You are no longer shattered

You and I are continuing the journey

Your daughter, Tandiel

Our son, Matthew Rain

Others will not agree

We do not care.

Others will say bad things

We do not hear them talk.

They can down on their own filthy words

We as a family remain strong

We choose the positive side of things.

We have been through so much before this time.

It is all a matter of choice

It is all a matter of mindset

It is all a matter of faith that God led us together to repair our wounded souls.

All did not happen overnight.

It took time for us to finally meet.

We only have a lifetime but let us make it worthwhile.

Continue to love…

© 2018 Ronadel Razon

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