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I Am a Simple Person

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


We all are in pursuit of money, materialistic things, and success in our lives. Everyone is busy in a hectic schedule and efforts for making a successful career. It is an unending journey but we are moving in that lane only because of so many worldly lures and attractions in our lives. In such a scenario how does a simple person, who does not have any ambition or zeal in his life, feels? It is obvious that if a person is not ambitious then he does not bother to take pains or do efforts for achieving anything of that nature. While the whole world is running after success and wealth it is difficult to believe that such simple persons exist on Earth but a few like that are definitely there. In this poem I have tried to depict the perspective and feelings for life from the point of view of a simple person.

I am a simple person

I am a normal person,
Having limited desires.
Actually a simpleton,
Having no aspirations.

I have never topped,
During my whole education.
But I never failed,
In aquiring those qualifications.

Am I like a mediocre,
As often people term me.
Or I am a lazy fellow,
As fellows often defame me.

It is very important,
But I never desired wealth.
It is equally important,
But I never aspired for health.

My life is an open book,
You can read it at any time.
You would find known things,
In those disorderly lines.

Life is not a challenge for me,
As it is a passing thing.
What I should bother about,
when I have nothing to think.

My earnings are very meagre,
But that I do not mind.
My expenses are still lesser,
For me God is very kind.

What for I should try,
And what for I should cry.
I am a normal person,
Having limited desires.


Simple person

© 2020 Umesh Chandra Bhatt