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I am a Ragdoll

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Being PU is a journey of discovery to being better than before person. Soulful journey is never an easy one to walk on. Enjoy the moment.

Inner child's journey

I am a ragdoll
Made from various kinds of cloths
Some from old and torn rags
While few are patches of nylon
Natural and synthetic types of fabrics
Form a colourful dress
And stuffed inside for the fillings
Are pieces no-one wears.

Yes I am a ragdoll
Worn-out and torn
Each piece of the fabric that you see on me
Has a story of its own
Some pieces of colourful cloths
Some are grey and plain
While some have holes formed in them
Marking milestones and events.

Yes I am a ragdoll
I nolonger have the appearance or appeal
Yet each part of the fabric that holds me together
Still makes me look pretty.

So what if I am a ragdoll
And if I look worn-out or torn
For I know I am still awesome
When a child holds me close to their soul.

Note: Your worth is not by your outer surface. You worth is measured by the lives you touch with kindness. What you give despite your own situation, makes you precious.




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