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I am a Cat Yet to Catch

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“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”

– Ernest Hemingway

I'm a little cat.
I purr loudly if you take me in your arms.
Nothing is going to stop me!

Cat, I am and I have arrived....
They don't expect me, Oh
why they don't expect me
I'm keeping an eye on things in the dark.
I'm slipping between your sheets,
as the night falls.

My gaze is venomous.
My velvet legs
Know a thousand twists
and turns
I encourage you to begin.
Let's have a war and
See who will win

Your desires are my wishes.
From joy to infinity
I will arose between the dog
and the wolf!

Look away from me
Don't look at where I'm going.
I am yet a mystery…
Within the pillow's hollow
Or, in your fireplace
I will jump out, and
Will surely win

My work is a puzzle.
I am an art in myself
I don't like it, when
I exhibit my attire,
But my dear tell me,
Your desire.

I'm still here,
cuddling, yet
Playing with you
Don’t you fret
I am a cat, and
You are a tree

Down there are
some lions and wolves
They won’t be able to
catch me!!
Even, if they are free

I will climb the tree,
And the lions will cry
Don’t waste your time
In a blink of your eye,
I will fly…

Cats are Entertaining

You can't seem to find someone for you? Don't be concerned; your cat could serve you much better. Cats are incredibly attractive creatures. When they walk, they don't create much noise. They can sneak up on their prey — or you — thanks to their large, velvety pads on their paws.

Cats are usually entertaining to watch since they amuse us with their unstoppable activities. Cats are clever. Even lions will not be able to defeat them. To preserve their lives, they will climb the tree or to great heights. They are super wise.
They will make you feel happy. They will purr and annoy you, but you have to accept that they are playful and loving.

Even though you are their owner, still they will act like they are the boss. They simply don't care. They will do what they enjoy and this act makes them even more special.

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