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Right Where I Belong


I'm Right Where I Belong

I’m right where I belong

I now no longer long

To be with the one

Whom I knew was right all along

He’s right here by my side

I’ll never need to hide

There is no pain

It’s not the same

It’s better now that I’ve

Come to where I should have been all along

No guilt trips

No comparisons

I am who I am

That is who God made me to be

I have more potential than I realize

If I would just stop listening to the lies

And be the cheerleader I need

That no one else seems to be

I need to quit trying to prove myself

And simply be true to myself

True pure love is not conditional

I need to get out of the vicious cycle of haze

That came from listening to others

And not to the truth of who I really am

I need to be true to myself

And to the potential that that brings

But I need to do it for myself

And no one else

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