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I Am Rachael

I am a poet, an Author, a motivational speaker and a love coach.

Half heart


I am Rachael

I am Rachael,
The cow without a horn,
I mow
and you stay still
Like a cremation
Standing in a vase:
A full grown man
Looks ashes to me
And I have no tear to shed.

He Was.

He was my brown teddy,
Those oceanic eyes,
I could only swim in.
Safe from everyone who said -
I love you Rachael;
They did not mean it,
Only him did:
I sang.

Solomon is worthy of a man
Than you;
He loved and made his women happy.

Why do I keep coming back to present?
I want to reminiscence on our love;
I need to die first to remember.

That is his name;
His smile matches mine,
Making I love you
Rhythm it’s way out
So perfectly -
Like God himself;
Gracing every moment
And bringing life to life.

Lord of my hearts of hearts,
Giving emotions wings,
And telling it where to go,
Giggling my desires:
To be in want
For every Saliva,
And finally we gave birth;
And he is as handsome as you.

During my lonely nights,
He was there,
When sleep traveled,
He was there,
Staring deep into my eyes
And saying;
You are so beautiful.

Our soft love
Like a soft night
Without an end.

Lost Soul

He is a lost soul,
Straying among fools,
Dwelling in hurtles
And feeding on hatred;
Carrying me along
On a path of oath
I swore:
I will never love you again.

Do you think I am deaf?
I listened to your heart,
I can hear your thoughts,
And your ear spoke for once;
Did you understand?
Yes I do.

Rotten vibes
Licking me,
Telling me to spread wide,
Like a virtuous woman:
And fall apart;
Like the walls of Jericho:
Is that not all I mean to you?
Welcome home Rachael
Welcome home.

Here I stand now,
Knowing how to spell value;
It now has the same letters of my name -
Feeling loved
And falling down
Was with you.

I rise above lost:
See who has been found.

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