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I am More than A Color


I am more than a color,

It truly cannot define me,

Or who I am or desire to be,

I am more than my color,

When that is all you want to see,

My worth is not wrapped in a shade,

By the way, I’ve had many of them,

Each display just colors,

Character was silenced in just a hue,

I am more than just my color,

But, why would you care,

If you cannot see me outside of my color,

That would be something, I to you double dare,

By showing you potential

You just don’t want to know,

I am created more than skin,

Glad you asked, so were you,

This prison called life,

Is the only slave maker

Servant needer, it is a ghastly crime,

Time holds all the cards

To every hand dealt rigged,

Find the crooked dealer

Then he or she will be unwigged,

No need to prove a color,

That I will forever be more than,

Whose idea was it anyway?

To judge me by the color of my skin,

Not by principle, nor by moral fiber,

I will always have created ideal to display,

The formation was incomplete,

Only because of sin,

To judge me by the color of my skin,

Is just your sin that lurks within.

I am more than a color.

Behavior only acknowledged by

Wrong I may say or do,

What I think will never really

Matter to you,

You can never define me by color.

You will deceive yourself

If you judge me by color,

There is very little I can do,

To persuade you otherwise,

If you don’t want to know what’s true.

I cannot be defined, analyzed, criticized because of color and shades The Creator thought I should wear with dignity.

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