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Updated on November 2, 2017
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I am Journalist and Mass Media student residing in Mumbai, India


In the shadow of the moon, I burned myself in the sun.

Piece by piece, I mutilated my body.

Piece by piece, I fed the sun.

Piece by piece, it engulfed me.

And with each fragment of my soul it engulfed, it burned even brighter. Brighter than its own capacity. The chain reactions increased exponentially. The fire could not be restrained. It ignited the hollowness surrounding it. The luminosity of its surface reflected it's delicate passion which refused to yield. The rage of its core annihilated the shadow of the moon. The rage it derived from my soul. The soul that snapped together as it traversed to the core. The soul that was a derivative of my testimony. The testimony that prevented the fire from burning out. The sun didn't have any vigor of its own. It's fuel was exhausted. It harnessed the fire from my thoughts and reignited it's core. It saved mankind from extinction. My conscience was perpetual. The paradox was solved.


© 2017 Shubham Narendra Jhunjhunwala


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