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I Write Because I Love The Way Words Evolve

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For Me There Is No Set Pattern

It just happens

I feel in the mood

The action is so different than other things I do

Each moment creates a flow

Where it goes

I really don't know

I begin with a few words

They sound off in my head

Like a bell that rings loud and clear

Sometimes I am so calm

Other times I have let all my strongest emotions lead the way

They peck at an imaginary feeder

Just the way birds do when they search for food

My mind reveals one thought at a time

Then it surprises me with word clusters

That boggle my senses

It could be a long lost thought

That decided now was the time

It could be a completely new thought

From old ideas that band together

To expand to new horizons

I may write it

I may repeat it

Sometimes I say it out loud

I may change it up

It is my own version of word play

Where each word interacts with the next

Forming a birds nest of memories

That are weaved back and forth

Side to side

Up and down

So delicately

So romantically

They all have their place

My mind searches for more clues

Thoughts stick to other ideas

Quickly like super glue

Without the mess

A give and take

That only creates something more special

I can write for a few hours or as little as fifteen minutes

Time does not seem to matter

I feel as if my watch has stopped

As I recreate each moment

To reveal to you what goes on behind the scenes

No matter what the outcome is

They are all my little gems

I feel pride and satisfied for each existence

My feelings prompted by my emotions

Have revealed a secret justice

That have taken events of my life

Creating a million piece puzzle masterpiece

Not to complete

But to challenge myself on every level

Slowly sharing with the world

An inspiration

That glows as easily as the moon

Even on the coldest of wintery nights

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