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I Would Have My First Kiss All Over Again.

Hertha is an affectionate person. Loves hugs and kisses. To her it's more than just affection it's intimacy and connection.


It was still morning time,

He was right behind me,

We were watching my friend dance,

Then it happened,my first intimate kiss.

It lasted for plus minus 7 seconds,

But it felt like forever,

He held me so tight,

I held him just right.

I could feel his his heartbeat sync with mine,

It felt like I collapsed whole heartedly in his arms.

His lips were as soft as a baby blanket,

His breath was as warm as the morning sun.

The kiss was filled with passion,

I could feel him express his feelings for me through the kiss,

At that moment all I could hear was our heartbeats,

Everyone else and anything else did not matter,

I moved side to side,

He brought me closer to him gently,

My eyes were shut but I could see and feel his soul.

He bit my lower lip so lightly I heated up.

I would do my first kiss all over Again,

With only two changes,

The first the kiss should be at the beach, during sunset,

The second the kiss must be much longer.

© 2020 Hertha David

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