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I Won't Wait to Cry

I’m madly in love with you
But I still know who I am
I know where to mine my rare earth
I may come to you with dirty hands
Sometimes I need where the flower grew

I don’t want to hate the past
More than I love you today
It hurts so much to disagree
I don’t want any more to say
What scares me about losing you

I want to see nothing but the good in you
I don’t want to think what might go wrong
I’m gonna’ wait until then to cry
It’s a place called, “Is this where I belong?”

I’ve known you for so long
But I really didn’t until I began to care
It finally came to me in a dream
Everyone you ever knew was there
And they said you loved me too

I want to see nothing but the good in us
I don’t want to think about anything else
I’m not gonna’ have to wait to cry
With clean hands I’ll bury it all myself