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I Wonder What It Is Like?

Continuing Until We Do it Right

I don't mind failure

I do mind emotional loss

When we have physical loss it takes awhile to get over it

Mental loss stays with me and haunts me for life

I go on with my day

I do what makes my wife and my life nicer

Helping other people I love and meet

When someone we love dies

We have a hole to fill

That is the circle of life

It doesn't make it any easier

I try to keep busy

So I have little time to think

Keeping my mind of that person who is no longer with us

Then over time I replace that emptiness with all the memories we did do

In the beginning the wound is too fresh

It brings about more sadness than happiness

What I do know

I am such a better person to have known them

There are so many questions unanswered

We don't know how much time we all have in this world

If we spend our time loving the people we care about

Instead of beating ourselves up for the things we didn't do

Then we can live a life that brings us more joy

Than sadness and we can always find a way to feel good

Knowing whatever happens

We gave it our all

© 2021 DREAM ON

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