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I Wonder How Most People Begin Their Day?

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Is It....?

A quick pick me up

With that morning Joe

The morning news that once was the morning newspaper

A quickie or just a beautiful morning hug

For me it is my latest, greatest idea

My mother use to start with a load of laundry

My wife starts right away making her lunch for later

We all have a routine

If it is a morning pee or brushing your teeth

For others it might be a bad habit

An early morning cigarette or even a stiff drink

I hope I can pull you away from those undesirable circumstances

To something better, healthier and more productive

Chances are you have had the same habit for years

So it is not easy to change

It can be done

Not just all at once

Over time and so slow that you don't even know

Let's think of all the good things we can do

Maybe you have to let the dog out for a walk

Then you both are getting some needed exercise

That is better than a donut and a large coffee at Duncan Donuts

We all have to make a decision

This is the start of your day

If we make a good choice

It could set an example

For the rest of the day to follow

If we start of cursing and complaining

Unfortunately, we just crawled down that rabbit hole

Once a routine is set

It is so easy to follow it

No thinking involved

Less brain power

Less effort

Our bodies are on autopilot

Doing what they do best

Functioning after a long sleep

I for one

Never want to wake up

I love sleep so much

My average sleep per night

Is five or six hours if I am lucky

It is not unusual for me to be a little cranky

I try to snap myself out of it

Now I complain less and less

I like to start off my day

With a morning hug and a kiss

I have to put food down for our cat Charlotte

Then open the kitchen sliding door

She loves to watch the birds at the bird feeder

More often than not

Then I go for a morning bowl of cereal

Take my multi-vitamin for the day

With a half a glass of juice

I turn on the laptop

Start right in with any thoughts that cross my mind

I see where it will go

It might be on a whimsical note

I try to remember my dreams

A new day is here in the making

It is up to us to find a way

To make it better than the day before

No pressure

Lovelier than love can be

Try to create a fun mood

That will get you in the groove

It will create the domino effect

The morning radio turns on so many lives

I am more the peace and quiet

Kind of guy

Later I love music

Only after I have already got the ball rolling

Well, no matter what you choose

I would love to hear about it

If you are willing and daring enough to share

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