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And I Will Rise Again—Poem

Chitrangada loves to express her moods and emotions, through her poems. Most of her poems are free style and spontaneous with Nature at core

A tribute to the human spirit

A tribute to the human spirit

And, I Will Rise Again: A Tribute to the Human Spirit and Inner Strength

This is a poem to recount the exemplary inner strength, courage and the indomitable spirit, of the Human race.

In many adverse situations from time to time, human beings have shown admirable adaptability, perseverance, patience, immense courage and inner strength, which even they didn’t know, they had.

History provides us with many such examples and incidents, to show the incredible inner power of the human beings. The good and the positive news is, that the Human race has survived, and moved forward.

’I’ is meant to represent the Human Beings, in the poem.

And I will Rise Again—Poem

In joyful times, and in adverse times.

In the times of despair, and calamity,

I have stood up, and faced challenges,

I have never lost, my capacity to smile,

I have never failed, to inspire others,

I have compassion, and kindness,

I am affectionate, and have warmth,

I have the ability to admire, and respect,

I am committed, and have patience,

I have perseverance, and resilience,

I am helpful, I am thankful,

I can smile, through the tears,

I can stumble, but have adaptability,

I have the strength, to handle setbacks,

I have determination, and dedication,

I have empathy, and positivity,

I have lived, endured, all through history,

I have seen despairs, fears, anxieties,

I will again survive, and heal,

I will again rise, and make new choices,

I have the Supreme inner strength,

I am the creation of the ‘Supreme.’

The blossoming of a flower, signifies ‘Hope’

The blossoming of a flower, signifies ‘Hope’

We Shall Overcome, Source:YouTube

© 2020 Chitrangada Sharan