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I Will Make It

Hello,I am a woman who uses words to explain her situation in form of poetry.

You will

You are tired,

Of trying to get hired,

Each time you are lucky everything goes hay wire,

That is how you get fired.

Do not give up just push on a little notch higher,

You will make your light shine brighter.

Are you scared of the silent nmights?

Of the little coackroaches or the olympic mice,

Had enough of lonely dinning table filled with delicious rice?

Stand up and make your spirit shine,

For love is about to rise.

You are broken by their hurtful words,

They blubber of your situation and it cuts deep like sharp blades,

All you wish to is to disappear from the sun rays,

But how will they react when the whole nation at your door praise,

You will make it to see the colour on their face.

I would wish to talk more,

But time is ticking and you need to be sure,

So get up and dust yourself you need to make it clear,

The world should know,

Tell me that you believe you will make it.

© 2018 Winnie Sagina

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