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I Will Live My Life

Word Prompts Help Creativity by Brenda Arledge: Life

I Will Live My Life

"Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don't have to live forever. You just have to live."- Natalie Babbitt

My parents were both gone

The void caused by their passing

Especially that of my mom

Left me with so much yearning

My siblings have their own families

To worry and keep them busy

We schedule our meetings naturally

Though not frequent but regularly

I have a wide circle of acquaintances

Even people I thought were my friends

But I have since put my distance

I no longer want to pretend

Best to keep only a few of them

Who I trust would stay by my side

Even with nothing to gain

In my trying times, they will not hide

I am setting myself free

From all these guilt and anxieties

I should stop feeling sorry

I deserve to be truly happy

Time to stop thinking about others first

I need to even love myself more

Acceptance, I should not thirst

I will not be taken advantage anymore

What's there to worry about?

It's time to unload all my burdens

I am on my own, no doubt

To be alone is what I've chosen

Now, I am ready to explore

Fears will no longer hold me

I will be bold unlike before

This is the start of my journey

I will no longer slave on work

No more hurrying and worrying

Best to enjoy what I have earned

There's so much I've been missing

It's time to open my eyes

To the beauty and wonders of nature

Appreciate every morning that I rise

Truly a blessing to treasure

I will refrain from cursing the sun

Every time the heat is unbearable

Though for me rain is fun

The flood makes our days miserable

I will try not to be dismayed

Somewhere, someone is hoping

For the sun on their winter days

And the rain when their land is drying

I will refrain from getting frustrated

During queues and traffic jams

I'll look at it as being granted

Me time to relax and bum

I will get out of my cocoon

Travel to places I have searched

I'll sing and dance to my tunes

Savor all the flavors in the world

To laugh more and worry less

Stop with all the regrets

These are unnecessary stress

I am still so much blessed

I would read more books

Watch and enjoy new movies

Enjoy what I learned to cook

And even master new skills

To be open for more changes

I will deviate from my routine

And try to be more spontaneous

But no bungee jumping for me

Life can be volatile

So while I'm in it

I'll make sure it will not be dull

I will live every moment of it

Contribute more to meaningful causes

Not to obsess with material things

Take time to reflect and pause

To enrich my spiritual being

I will be grateful for everything

Even if things go awry

I will strive to look for the silver lining

Life is not always a dark sky

From this day forward

l will truly live my own life

Not by anyone's standard

This time I will do it right!

© 2021 Harriet Dionela

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