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I Will Feel Your Love

True love will come silently in the early dawn or when the stars are shining like love lights in the sky. It will be magical.

I'm Leaving My Heart with You, My Darling


Her full lips trembled, as his fingers touched her arm in a warm caress, as a measure of his charm,

His lips replaced his fingers journey as he made sweet slow kisses up her arm.

She desired more as he made his way to her starving lips that tasted like honey, to explore and master,

He craved her touch as her soft lips traced a path from his navel to his lips, lightly, so slowly, then savoring the quivering waiting gift, then ardent kisses came faster.

Her body glistened with passion so molten, so starved for his touch, as he made her wait for his kiss,

He punished himself to make her wait, he knew their love was like lava and would erupt into time and space, and this he would miss.

This would be their last touch, their last kiss, their last love making until the war sends him home,

She said, “I will feel your love, no matter how the miles keep us apart, there will be no other who will touch my heart, it will not roam.

My body records your caresses, your kisses, and your soft breath as it travels over my skin, it warms to the abyss of my heart, to be played back in my dreams when you are gone.”

He said, “And my mind records your words which are branded on my heart---so I will Feel Your Love, until this earth is dust particles in space and our love will be written in The Book of Love by Cherubs who guards our hearts.”

They said together through lips intertwined, “We will never be apart.”

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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