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I Watch and Stare

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Our Cat Is Famous

She doesn't care

Laying there

She has done it so often

She is happy as she can be

Tucking her paws one under the other

She has found peace and quiet

I couldn't just leave her alone

I had to pat her one more time

She shook then once again

Moved right back where she had been

In a deep sleep

Dreaming all during the day and then once more at night

Fine tuning the art of sleeping

When she is awake

Waiting to be fed

Walks under our feet

We pat her on the head

Scratching under her chin

On again off again

She eats and goes off to the bathroom

Racing in one direction or another

What is she thinking?

What does she see that I don't see?

Happy in her own world

Trying to please me with her next lick

Then she wants to be loved

Was it all a trick?

To help me

Then to want me

So I would give her

The attention she desperately seeks

I thought I was in control

Doing what I wanted

She curled up next to me

As if I don't care if you do or not

When I give her more

She cares less

Then again she gives me a nudge

A reminder to keep going

For she wanders around our home

She will not stop

Until she finds the perfect spot

Climbing high on a bureau

Deep in a corner

Finding a box

On the kitchen chair cushion

In the living room couch curled up on her favorite blanket

Spread out in the middle of the floor

Standing on a little rug

Off in the bathroom basket

Snuggled in our bed

Resting comfortably

Then in the very next moment

Our darling little Charlotte

Scratching at some furniture

For what reason now?

Back to climbing and hiding

She makes it a living

Finding not only a good spot

The best spot to take a nap

I want to come back as a cat

Learning how sleep the day away