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I Was Never a Mother


I was never a mother

Am not a mother

Will never be a mother

So, why force me to be?

I was never a housewife

Am not one

And will never want to be

So, why try to change me?

I was submissive

Serving suitors coffee and tea

And I no longer am

Why must you insist that something is wrong with me?

I was tolerant

While you criticize me

But I no longer want to be

I cannot cook

Cannot clean

Or wash sheets

So don’t expect that from me

I do not sit around

Making dinner and putting babies to sleep

Then waiting for you to join me

I am not your maid, servant, or a baby factory

I am a woman

Educated, bright, and empowered

Like every person should be

© 2021 Laila Hashem

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