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I Was Created

Newly-wed striving to make a difference in this world, outside of your typical 9-5 job.

I was created to love, to demonstrate it as the one who was sent from above.

I was created pure and holy, to live my life to bring God glory.

To be a city on a hill...set apart, to have the joy of the Lord in my heart.

I was created to be bold. To let my light shine brighter than gold.

I was created to stand out , to be confident and not doubt.

I was created to stand out from the crowd, to not be silent but proclaim my faith aloud.

I was created a child of God, he is my strength and my rod.

I was created to lead and not to follow, in the pit of darkeness I will not wallow.

I was created strong and mighty, in the one whom I call my King.

I was created to rise above the average, the normal. To live my life holy and not immoral.

I was created unique, one of a kind. There is not another like me that you will find.

I was created out of dust, but not just to go out an lust.

I was created by God not by man. So why do we live by the standards at hand.

I was created to be a part of a generation. A generation that stans in awe of God, in adoration.

I was created to take a stand, to fight the enemy and conquer this land.

Even if by the world I will be hated, this...this is why I was created.

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