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Lions Merely on a Kings Court

If I suspend belief can I get on with how things might have been
Would I have walked seven blocks to meet a girl made of dreams?
But how could I, living a thousand miles away inside my tears?
Tomorrow fell short, yesterday, a low tide of river fading streams

To say goodbye in the morning
And goodbye in the evening
And in the hot afternoon
So many have left me
Emptiness fills my spoon

Yet in the daylight hours, the lords of our Gods open their markets
While young girls screaming laughter fill the ears of young boys
Already a dreamer, could they be as afraid of me as I of them
All we knew in those times are jumbled words and forgotten toys

And what can we choose
Games we will never lose
In a culture we can never bend
Shall we try hatred or love?
What message shall we send?

Is there any truth that would have changed the path of love?
When the lifetime of waiting was only five minutes away?
While the world burned itself alive, I could only think of myself
But an eleven year old boy has a world only as large as today

What I once used to know
Became dirt roads high and low
What child born of this malaise
Could become so important
To who worshiped the sun’s rays?

The home built so strong that neglect and abandonment
Could not defeat its purpose, for the past is not to be lost
You cannot love for a moment without loving the life
And if you think you can, you will only know it's cost

I want no wealth opportunity
Only that my grave know no poverty
If I can only pay ashes to linger in the air
Then float to heaven with me my love
The love we made will meet us there

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