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I Want You to Want Us

Francois Groenewald is an author from South Africa. He writes poetry in his spare time.

I Want You To Want Us>

There was time sometimes

and fevers

and rice patterns soaking up the signs

and lemons soaking in her bosoms

I appreciated the lime disease as much as any man would.

Why is it that she is such a deviant?

She embraces us but she doesn't.

She embraces us but she won't.

Why does she eat me?


And on another note,

why is it that men never do?

and I don't too.

Make it better for me dear God.

Make it stick this time.

Dear God I wish to be different in mine and in yours I wish to be the same.

I want to make it true but I don't know how

What is the difference between love and reckonings

True love can be kind

but she is not

True love can be blind

but she can see clear as daylight is bleached by the sun

I want you to want us

not the other way around

That's all

Thank you.

And don't mess around.

They don't like that.

© 2022 Francois Groenewald

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