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I Want To Fly Away

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.


I Want To Fly Away

As I linger in the shadow of an old oak tree I see a bird pass by.

I wonder where it is going.

I wish that I could fly.


Far away from the pain, I feel.

Far from friends...
Far from family...
Far from you!

I wish that all the noise you make would just halt.

Like a car slamming on the brakes to avoid a crash.

The screeching would just abruptly end in dead silence.

Only for your finger to be flipped.

Your words still cumming through strongly, in silence.

I wish, I was that bird that has no boundaries, no limits, it's free.

Free to fly away.


I want to fly away too.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi

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