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I Want to Do so Much


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There is part of me

Always thinking and dreaming of what I want

This is every kids dream

Laying in bed ten minutes longer

I span my world and see what I can do now

My wife is always four steps ahead of me

She is right out of the gate

Like the fastest horse in the race

I am a slow mover

I am just eating breakfast

She is own her second cooking show

Watched part of the news

Made out some bills

Made out some cards to mail

She is always thinking of birthdays and get well cards

I am already doing the count down in my head

Three hours till I leave for work

If it is making a fruit salad for my wife

I do the little things

I shopped at a Goodwill store near us

I found a new home for six crystal goblets

Now I can wine and dine my wife at home

Getting a good deal makes me happy

Seeing my wife happy makes me even happier

Tying up loose ends

Taking a few pictures

Mostly dreaming

Making sure we take our vitamins

The temperature dropped to a cold and windy 19 degrees

Another day under way


DREAM ON (author) on March 20, 2021:

Dora Weithers Don't tell my wife but I have a backup things-to-do list for those that don't work out. Then I have a secret list just incase those plans fall through as well. I am amazed at all the excitement that I can get from reading words. If I was reading old notes I would say it was the led in the pencil. Then if I was writing in pen it has to be the ink or the paper. Now that I type on a computer sceen now what do I say. It is in the blue hue from the laptop. All these seem like good reasons with lots of holes in them. I guess the bottom line is so many people are so nice. When you meet a nasty person. I am a really nasty person you can't wait to be with friends and spending time and writing. Thank you so much. I know four days in waiting. Speed was never my strong suit. Matter of fact my suit is kind of old. The sleeves are rising when I lift my arms. I think it is time for a new suit. Have a beautiful and passionate morning.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 15, 2021:

Obviously you love life. I sense your passion. You find many wonderful things to do.

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