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I Want to Be Free

Francois Groenewald is an author from South Africa. He writes poetry in his spare time.

I Want To Be Free "">

In my youth

I developed a strategy

a strategy so lame that I could barely notice it myself

I used a line to hook in my advisors

I used a line to earn my cake

I used a line to adhere to the politics of the time

and because I didn't feed you the same line every time,

I could not be broken by it.

And because I didn't feed you the exact time of the line,

I could not be bothered by it.

And now with this as my skull

and this as my divinity

I rise up to defeat a monster so horrific,

that time itself had to spit it out

And now I devote my life to this message.

Time has been stolen from me.

No one steals me and time away.

My life is a monster now.

I want to be free

but I distaste myself in many yearnings

I distaste myself in a yawn

and I bring myself to OCD and nothing much else

I discovered this in tandem

with a heart on my sleeve I discovered it briefly and let it go

Now where is your heart now?

Where is your survival kit?

There are things out here that can barely be foretold.

I have seen them,

I have heard of them never before

but now that I have grappled with my affections,

I can be at peace with it

I want to be an artist admired in my time

But my dimensions doesn't beat at the same rhyme as them

My dimensions beats differently than theirs.

Now what of this dimension?

I have to say,

I like it.

That's all><><><

© 2022 Francois Groenewald

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