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I Wish to Find Love

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ish to find love.
A real love.
Love that won’t quit.
One that is not quick to pack their suitcase and run at the first sign of a struggle. Because love can be a battle. Love can be a lot like war. And you need to know the person next to you is able and willing, but most importantly, WANTS to fight FOR you and WITH you. Through thick and thin. Against all odds. You got each others back, front and sides. You will keep them safe. You will keep all of them safe. No matter what happens

Don’t commit to combat and just lay down or run when things get heavy and real. You will just be the meaning to an end. You will lose. The person beside you will lose. Quitting is saying this is not worth fighting for. Running away is holding up a little white flag. Surrendering to weakness. Unless you are given good reason to run, don’t run

If you are a runner
Don’t commit in the first place
After all
Unconditional love
Is unconditional commitment
Unless given good reason to quit

Trust and respect
Patience and understanding
Isn’t that what real, true love is?

© 2022 Lubasana

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