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I Use To Be Happy.

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I Use To Be Happy

I use to be happy

Is when you are tired of trying
That feelings that says
Death is sweet
When all is over
You shall feel no more pain
All will be fine
Everyone will forget
And lives will move on:
They always do.

They have won
I have been defeated
It is over
There is nothing left
The more you try
The more you hurt.

You can be alive and dead
That’s the best death
When you live to see the expressions
On the faces of people that wish you dead-
That’s gold.

Say goodbye to happiness
To wisdom;
Embrace senselessness
And foolishness
Stay alive and dead
Suicide is never the answer.

Does it matter if you die?
When those who matter have died?

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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