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I understand that you have spent your entire life running
So far from everything and everyone around you
You are very loyal but your issue with trust still lingers on
And your fear leaves marks within your soul too

You are nervous that someone will hurt you in some way
And you stand off in the distance peering through the trees
I understand the way that you feel because I was once that way
And the truth is that sometimes I still feel fear and freeze

So I completely understand how you are feeling right now
I'm just hoping that our souls could see one another in time
Our fears and distrust could disappear for just a brief moment
As patiently your heart would slowly become one with mine

I would never hurt you and I know you would never hurt me
We just need to take our time with understanding to get close
Then once the day comes that we take that step of bravery
Then we will become something special, the best of friends I suppose

And although you may not trust me now I'll still be right here for you
Holding on no matter what your needs or wants might ever be
Because my faith is so strong and my hope is beyond any words
That both of our hearts may one day be set free because of the trust I had in you...and the trust you had in me

© 2022 Lubasana

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