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I Think I Saw a Rabbit


I think I saw a rabbit,

It went into the brush.

I bet he saw my dog,

A reason for the rush.

I think I spied a chipmunk,

Chewing on some seed.

But he scattered fast,

When he first saw me.


I know I saw a white tail,

Bobbing through the grass.

Not sure a buck or doe,

A glimpse as it passed.

All around the countryside,

A promised land of honey,

Fresh air, mountain stream,

Anytime rain or sunny.


Underneath the blue sky,

I relax to a gentle breeze.

Blessed to be a hillbilly,

Because what you see is me.

Give me a view of nature,

Those neon lights won’t do.

A country mouse relates to me.

With a drop of mountain dew.


© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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