I, the Rainbow Maker

Updated on January 29, 2018

I, The Rainbow Maker

Last night she gave birth to Anna,
Last night she departed.
On her deathbed,
she whispered, "I love you."
before slipping to the other side.
If only I could say that in return.

My sorrows deepened;

Like a caped crusader
the clouds encroached in stealth
to thwart the cerulean King
enthroned in majesty.
His indifference was too much
to bear.

Thundering bard songs echoed
in the heart of the wind who held
his breath before charging into this
unforgiving battlefield.

A titanic clash-
and first blood was drawn in the heavens.
repenting with guilt-driven madness it fell
on Earth. Then a bigger herald, as an
unknown hero single-handedly took down
hundreds, their cheap blood a distaste for
the battlefield's glory.

The picture changed when that hero solely
remained. Outnumbered by enemies, he
raised his shield, unsheathed his sword
and bled out the memories of his good times.
The battlefield absorbed each drop of his blood
with utmost satisfaction until he lay still.

The war was over.
The clouds begged forgiveness to the
cerulean King who was now smiling at them.
In a profound act of Love, the King resurrected
Cupid, the unknown hero and awarded him a
legendary bow.

The bow redeemed his seven deadly sins into
seven shades of salvation. Each of the string
transformed his sin into a universal color of love
glistening with brilliance and emanating an
undying hope. Thus, a gleaming arc rose from
the ashes of anguish and the happy sun consumed
all the sorrows of the clouds.

It was 8:00 AM sharp.
That morning I vowed not to
quarrel with anyone.


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