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I Still Love You A True Story

I love writing poetry which delves in taboo topics like this specific poem.

A True Story

I Still Love You

By: Alexis Kenyatta Ellis

When you see his face

Love is still there

Spending so many days with him

Time will always spare.

The bond is always present

Inside the secret place

The heart beats loud and heavy

When you touch him or feel his embrace.

Love is more than caresses

More than pursuit and chase

Love is speech and action

A melody in each phrase.

Love can swell your mind

You never eat a morsel

You have butterflies in your stomach

Their voice make you tremble.

Sweetly you kiss them

You lie down safe in their arms

Talking or listening to music

The magic of his charm.

All the while never knowing

If the stardust will last for you two

Because someone else waits in the wings,

That has eyes for her heart as you do.

So, lady who do you choose?

How did you get caught between two loves?

Letting your heart lead you,

The deceitful one of them all.

For the heart likes Cupid’s arrow

Whenever there is a bow plunged

The eyes and head will follow

Into a snare, a trap you are thrown.

But you have to get your life together

And see who really loves you

Think with your mind

Think with your head

Don’t let love do this to you.

Because love can hurt many parties

It can destroy each case

So lead in the right direction

Even if you have to wait to feel love’s embrace.

Because joy is so much worthwhile

Then constantly starving for love

Real loves gives sustenance

Never hungry, never thirsty.

© 2022 Alexis Kenyatta Ellis

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