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I Still Living By!

Being in love with the phrase "Me, Myself and I" trying to be a poetess!


Me, Myself and I,
Often wonder why?
There's a splash of memories,
And then the dark sky!

The life is moving on,
And then the sudden pause comes by.
Stuck in uncertainties,
With nowhere to fly.

The days pass on,
The nights always shy.
The season leads another,
But where to stop and why?

The silence is a music to the ears,
The talks are the noises too high.
The memories fade away at last,
The breaths cease to die.

No matter the ache lasts,
No matter the pain goes by.
The rain must fall,
At the end the clearing in the sky.

The life is going on,
It's the heart that lies.
But! Me, Myself and I,
Are still living by!

© 2018 Tajwer Shakir

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