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I Stand With Imran Khan

Misbah is a Pakistani who loves her country and appreciates Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan and salutes his efforts.

Imran Khan— the man of his words.

Imran Khan— the man of his words.

I Greatly Admire My Leader — Imran Khan

I am born to be free,

I will never accept slavery.

I am leaving my throne and

throwing away this crown.

For the world's power cannot beat me

I trust in my Creator, and will only bow my head in front of Him

I have built a nation, so strong and courageous

I am a proud political Leader and will never make a deal.

The Superpower of the world used all the force,

to remove me from my roots.

They are trying to remove one Khan, they'll surely see,

Millions and Trillions of people voicing me.

They called me an Islamic Extremist,

For, I was the one who brought to the notice 'Islamophobia'

I was the one who was threatened by the Super Powers of this world,

This wasn't a joke nor it was a lie, I proved it to my nation and officials

You think you have made me fall on the ground,

No, I have left everything, my crown, my throne on my own

As I'm not born to accept slavery.

In the books of History, my name will be in letters, bold and gold.

I have resigned and all my party as well,

It's not because of your power, but because of my self-respect

I left my kingdom, but refused to accept your power.

I am born to be free, I am not a beggar

For now, you'll think it's a sunset but don't forget,

The sun will emerge once again with extra power and light.

The King Riders are the ones who died on the battlefield.

When does a person who walks on his knees fall down?

As Faiz Ahmed Faiz said in his poetry:

The sense of pride with which someone died,

That pride remains alive forever...

This life must come to an end,

It makes no difference if it ends.

I am Imran Khan. I have the love and support of my nation.

My only mistake was that I made 'Peace' in Pakistan.

I told the superpowers that neither I nor my nation would give up.

My and my country's self-respect are more important to me than my throne.

At the time of my power tell me about a single drone attack in Pakistan?

Or can you blame me for creating peace talks between the US and Afghanistan?

Is it what they found threatening that I created Peace in my surroundings?

I'll be back, and the world will see, no one can ever stop me from doing a brave deed.

Thousands flood the streets of Pakistan in support of Imran Khan

Last Thoughts

Imran Khan is a devoted leader, a wonderful human being, and a sincere Muslim who has spoken up for Muslims all across the world on international platforms.

I love and appreciate him because he is brave and daring. It is not only Pakistanis who appreciate him. He is admired by millions and millions of people all over the world for his tremendous efforts, work, and honesty. Today he is facing a difficult time, but his name will always be written in the golden words in the history of Pakistan.

He was a hero as a cricketer, a hero as an opposition leader, and a hero as Pakistan's prime minister. He was, is, and always will be a hero, because heroes can die for their honor but will never accept slavery. Today, the entire nation is out on the streets in response to Imran Khan's one call. Not just in Pakistan, but hundreds of Khan's supporters held protests in UK, Europe, Australia and UAE also. "I stand with Imran Khan," they all say, and I say along with them.

I Stand With Imran Khan

I Stand With Imran Khan

More About Imran Khan

To learn more about his journey and struggle read this:

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In the links below, you can watch videos of rallies in support of Imran Khan and learn more about Pakistan's current political situation.

Thousands in Pakistan rally to support Imran Khan

Tens of thousands hit Pakistani streets to protest Imran Khan's ouster

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