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I Should Have Done This Yesterday

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My Wife's Favorite Line

She used it so many times

I think the words are all worn out

They are holding on by a string

We have to make lots of decisions

Some are right

Some could of been better choices

Either way we take a bold step in one direction

One example that comes to mind

While I was writing this

The sun drifted in

I could no longer see what I was typing on my laptop

I went to put the light on

My wife says hold on

She taps the key that looks like a firecracker

It lights the whole key board up

I could put a pair of reading glasses on

I usually increase the font on the page to 140 anyway

I am so reluctant

I love to read

Glasses feel so restricting

There is a lovely breeze coming through the kitchen sliding glass door

I kick off my socks

So my toes can experience the full effect

My wife is watching something on her phone

She stops to show me

A video she is watching

Cool cleaning tips to use around the house

Sometimes I hesistate to watch

I am deep in thought

I don't always welcome the distraction

This time I have to eat my words

This video was really cool

So you never know what will happen from moment to moment

People that may one time be a bother

Turn out to be a real joy

I am limited on time

So before I shave and get ready for work

I have to eat

Wrap up what I started here

How many people at this very moment

Started something they will have to finish at a later date

Out of time

This will just have to wait

Till next time

When all my thoughts are in full focus

Ready to be examined under the microscope

In full scrutiny

I think all will go well

Unless someone has to walk the plank

Then there will be a mutany

I didn't see that coming

That is real life for you

Surprise after surprise

When you least expect it